Special Events

We warmly invite you to join us in THE SUMMER OF ARTS AT THE KOSSAKS' 2009. THE SUMMER OF ARTS AT THE KOSSAKS' 2009 is a series of open air events next to the Zofia Kossak-Szatkowska Museum in Gorki Wielkie, Gmina Brenna. It is organised jointly by the Zofia Kossak Foundation and Hostel Koss. The Kossak Family is known for its painters and writers and one of the main events, in true Kossak tradition, is the painting of the panorama started this summer, 2008. Students from the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Art in Krakow will continue painting “The Fall of Constantinople in 1453” based on Zofia Kossak's book Puszkarz Orbano. The panorama consists of 200 sq. m of canvas stretched round a 20m diameter circle. Next to the panorama for the summer of 2009 will be constructed a labyrinth out of 400 sq. m of stretched canvas for children and young budding artists to paint Zofia Kossak's Troubles of a Gnome, a children's story set around the old Manor House in Gorki Wielkie. In mid August in the setting of the panorama and labyrinth will be staged an international wood carving event. Folk and amateur wood carvers will create characters from Zofia Kossak's books in 2m high pieces of tree trunk. There are many to choose from – knights, robbers, saints, angels, the Sorrowful Christ, the gnome Kasp, various animals... Throughout the summer there will be accompanying events – evening concerts, literary events and meetings, theatre workshops, painting workshops, book signings and exhibitions of the created works. We hope that THE SUMMER OF ARTS AT THE KOSSAKS' 2009 will attract from near and far both creative people to join in the endeavour and spectators. We hope that many of those who come will also visit the Museum. THE SUMMER OF ARTS AT THE KOSSAKS' aims to remind people of Zofia Kossak's life and works (a co-founder of Żegota and a "Righteous Amongst Nations", whose Blessed Are the Meek was a 1944 USA best seller) as well as the rich pre World War II traditions and history of the area (Lady Baden Powell visited Gorki Wielkie in the early 1930s). So should any artistic groups or woodcarvers be interested in participating in THE SUMMER OF ARTS AT THE KOSSAKS' 2009 please do not hesitate in contacting us. ****CALENDER OF THE MAIN EVENTS FOR THE SUMMER OF ARTS AT THE KOSSAKS' 2009 **11-20 June 2009 – Illustration workshops – ARTYSTIC CONFRONTATIONS AT THE KOSSAK'S **16-20 June 2009 – I INTERNATIONAL PROFESSIONAL ARTISTS PAINT IN THE OPEN AIR **20 June 2009 – GRAND OPENING WITH CANNON FIRE OF THE SUMMER OF ARTS AT THE KOSSAKS' 2009 **20 June to 27 June 2009 – PAINTING THE PANORAMA AT THE KOSSAKS' **20 June to 5 July 2009 – PAINTING THE LABYRINTH **16-22 August 2009 – II INTERNATIONAL WOOD CARVING EVENT **We invite you to our photo report of THE SUMMER OF ARTS AT THE KOSSAKS' 2008 in our Scrapbook.


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